When to publish on social networks in 2020? On time!

The best time to publish on social networks is when your customers and subscribers are online. This ensures you reach your audience and maximize your visibility. But what’s the best time to post new content? When to post on Facebook? When to post on Instagram?


It depends on the social network: everyone has a time that best suits their subscribers. For example, the best time to post on Twitter is not the same as the best time to post on Instagram, because the uses are not the same. When you take into account the different time zones, things get even more complicated. In this article, we will shed light on the best times to publish on social networks and the best management tools for social networks.


Which time zones should you take into account?


If you are targeting an international clientele, you will have to juggle between several time zones. Indeed, if you sell in several countries, it is likely that a potential customer gets up at the same time as another one goes to bed! In response to this problem, some influencers and brands post the same message at different times of the day.


However, in an ideal world, it’s best to avoid duplication of content and not re-post the same message multiple times. If you can’t do otherwise, post the same message a maximum of 4 times and spread the publications to reach as many time zones as possible.


Rather than thinking in terms of countries, you can think about the continent your customers are on:


  • If you are targeting the American continent and the United States and Canada in particular, it is recommended that you target the East Coast time zone because, along with New York and Toronto, it is the one that will reach the greatest number of people.
  • If you are targeting Europe, choose the CET (Central European Time) or UTC+1 time zone.
  • If your potential customers are in Asia, you can opt for the time zone of China UTC+8. The country’s 1.4 billion inhabitants are all in the same time zone.


Don’t hesitate to use social network analysis tools to find the data indicating where your customers are located, so you can better plan the times that correspond to the behavior of your target audience.

When to post on Instagram?


An Instagram publication is most likely to be effective when it is published on a favorable day and time.


to post on Instagram choose Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Sunday is the least favorable day. To reach your target audience, post on weekdays rather than weekends.


But what time to post on Instagram to get the maximum impact? The best time to post on Instagram is usually during lunchtime (11 a.m. to 1 p.m.) and early evening (7 p.m. to 9 p.m.).


Most Instagram users connect to the social network via their mobile phone and as such rarely do so when they are at work. Instead, they take advantage of breaks or travel time to consult Instagram.


When to post on Facebook?


If you want your Facebook post to reach its target, it should be posted at a time when it is active on the social network. In general, the best time to post on Facebook is during the week. This is because many Facebook users log in to the office during off-peak times. In this context, at what time to publish on Facebook? The data shows that the right time to publish on Facebook is between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm on weekdays.


But Facebook users are also very active at weekends! It is the weekends that meet the highest level of engagement on Facebook. Experts believe that the best time to post on Facebook is Sunday at 3 pm.


Thus, the best days to post on Facebook are Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Tuesday is the least favorable day.


When to post on Twitter?


The best time to post on Twitter is also around lunchtime, between 12 and 1 pm. But posting on Twitter just before lunch can also be effective.


Twitter engagement is usually at its highest during working days. Indeed, many Twitter users have made professional use of it. If you post at lunchtime from Monday to Friday, you should be able to create engagement.

It has been shown that the best day to post on Twitter is Wednesday. Weekend days, i.e. Saturday and Sunday, are much less favorable.


When to post on Linkedin?


The best time to post on Linkedin is in the morning, between 10 am and 11 am. LinkedIn is a professional social network used by recruiters, executives, and entrepreneurs, so it is best used during office hours.


Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the best days to publish on LinkedIn.  Evenings and weekends are the least favorable times for a LinkedIn publication. They generate much less commitment and visibility.


When to publish on Pinterest?


The best time to publish on Pinterest is usually between 8 pm and 11 pm. Indeed, mothers tend to be quite active on Pinterest, which may explain the late-night connection spike.


Saturday is usually the best day to post on Pinterest, but Sunday is also a good day to do so.


Pinterest users tend to be less active during office hours. If you post at that time, you will likely generate a lower level of engagement.


When to post on YouTube?


The best time to post to YouTube is early afternoon, between 12:00 and 4:00 pm, because users usually watch videos in the evening, so they need to be indexed in advance.


But when to post on YouTube also depends on your strategy. If you plan to post a YouTube video on a weekend following an event, for example, aim for an early morning posting, between 9 and 10 am.


Thursday and Friday are the best days to post on YouTube, while Saturday and Sunday are the best days to get the most views. If you can create a lot of commitment, you may be able to monetize your channel.


When to post on TikTok?


TikTok is quickly establishing itself as a must-have social network. TikTok users are very active and engaged. They use it daily. So there is no better day to publish on TikTok. Every day can be a carrier!


Nevertheless, most users are connected in the evening, between 8 pm and midnight. On weekends, they are sometimes connected during the day. Take these parameters into account for your next TikTok publication!

In conclusion, when is the best time to publish on social networks?


To determine the best time to publish on social networks, the main factors to consider are the social network you use and the time zone(s) of your customers.


The times shown in this article are averages, and you may see better engagement with your audience at other times. The best way to determine the best time to publish on a social network is through testing. You can use social network management tools to schedule posts at different times for several weeks to determine the most effective times to reach your audience.


Also, take into account the behavior of your competitors. Track their publications, and note when they get the highest level of engagement. These are probably hours that would work for you as well. You can test this hypothesis, or try to publish when your competitors are generally silent, but remember that each platform is different, so it’s best to take an individual approach to get the best results.

Google Analytics reports on social networks


Google Analytics has all the information you need to decide the best time to publish on a social network when you have set up profiles and published some updates to collect information. Just set up custom reports for each platform and start analyzing the information. We explain how the process works.


  • Click Custom Reports in the left Google Analytics toolbar.


  • Select New Custom Report


  • Choose the information you want to include in the report. Below is a basic report for Facebook that will help you fill out the appropriate fields, and you can add up to 10 statistics to track.
  • Save the report and view the results. To display the times of day, simply select “Time” as the secondary dimension.


  • Repeat this for all social network traffic providers.
  • Build your social network usage program around the most efficient publishing times.
  • Use custom reports to track your progress and success.


Social network management tools


Once you’ve created your social media program, you can use social media marketing automation and management tools such as Buffer, Later and Hootsuite to schedule your publications when you need them. These tools help you ensure the regularity of your publishing schedule and allow you to stay in touch with your subscribers even while you sleep. You can also use them to test different times and determine the optimal time for maximum engagement. A “test and learn” approach will help you find the best approach. Also consider using these tools to schedule the same publication multiple times, to reach all-time zones, or to redirect traffic to your website.

Final thoughts

Track and analyze social network engagement data to find out when to post on Instagram, Facebook, or any other social network you use to promote your brand. Our recommendations may help you get started, but keep in mind that all brands are different and even references may vary by platform and industry. However, with an increasing number of subscribers, you may find that your audience is engaged at different times. Besides, platforms regularly change their algorithms, so stay informed of these changes and continue to test and experiment. Also, feel free to post on social networks at less popular times or days; this may not reach the highest percentage of subscribers, but you may reach people you would otherwise miss.


Now you know everything you need to optimize your posts and when to post on Instagram, the Facebook posting time, or when to post on Youtube to generate the most views. So get to your publication calendars and don’t forget to schedule your posts to choose the best times!


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