The little guide to success during your job or internship interviews


Congratulations! You got an interview for an internship or a job. But now, it’s all about standing out from the other candidates and these little tips should help you.

Research the company


If there is one thing that can put off a recruiter during an interview, it is to realize that the candidate has not done any research on the company and its mission. It is not necessarily necessary to know everything by heart, but it is important to do some research to show that you are interested in it, but also and above all to understand the company’s mission and its values, to check that your profile corresponds well and to determine what YOU can bring to this company.

Prepare questions


At the end of the interview, the recruiter will probably ask you if you have any questions. And you need to have them because it shows your motivation and interest in this internship or job. Here are a few examples that will hit the nail on the head: “What would you like your interns/employees to know before you start work?”, or “Can you describe a typical day as an intern/employee in your company?



Practice with a friend or family member


You can never know exactly what questions the recruiter will ask, so you must be prepared for any eventuality so that you can answer correctly and highlight your strengths and weaknesses appropriately. It is therefore best to practice beforehand, by asking someone close to you or even a teacher to give you a mock interview. This will not only allow you to prepare your answers but also to see your mistakes and correct them before the real interview.

Take care of your appearance


It seems obvious, but you don’t dress for an interview like you do in everyday life. You have to make a good impression and if you don’t necessarily need to wear a suit or a suit, a shirt and a smart jacket are de rigueur. It’s also best to avoid polished nails, flashy jewelry, flashy colors, and keep it simple so that the employer only focuses on what you say.


Pay attention to your posture and your eyes.


First impressions are very important. And we’re not just talking about the tree look, but the attitude. Several studies have shown that the majority of interviews fail within the first three minutes after candidates enter the room because of a shifty look, a weak handshake, or poor posture. Recruiters prefer candidates who look them in the eyes, have straightened backs and shoulders, raised heads, and do not cross their arms, but rather have an open posture.

Has a confident and positive attitude


It’s normal to be a little nervous before an interview, but if you can try not to show it too much, it’s better. Recruiters are looking for candidates who have confidence in themselves. If this is not the case for you, try to boost your confidence by telling you that the recruiter has already been in your shoes, that he knows what it’s like, and that he’s not trying to trick you. Besides, if you’re here, it’s because he’s interested in your profile, isn’t it?


Don’t hesitate to put your skills forward. If you can, try to illustrate them with examples. Above all, show your motivation by asking questions about career opportunities, training possibilities, etc. You can also ask for information about the team, the atmosphere, activities, etc. This shows recruiters that you are interested and ambitious and they appreciate these qualities.


Keep in touch


Once the interview is over, don’t hesitate to send an email to the recruiter to thank him/her for the time and attention given to you. This will not only make you stand out, but it will also show your motivation and enthusiasm for the job or internship in question. If you still don’t get an answer after a week, don’t hesitate to contact the recruiter again. Even if the answer is no, he owes you at least an explanation, because you still took time to prepare for the interview. Most importantly, it can help you avoid making the same mistakes again.


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