Studies and student job : How to successfully combine the two

As a student, it is sometimes necessary to find a small job to pay the rent or to make ends meet. But you still need to know how to manage your time so as not to interfere with your studies. Here are a few tips to help you juggle the two easily.


In 2019, nearly 46% of the students were working while they were studying. And 17% of them felt that this harmed their results. It’s not easy enough to find the time to do homework and study, so if you have to combine that with a student job, it’s a real headache. But you have to eat well, so how do you manage to combine the two without it affecting your studies?

Putting your studies first


If there’s one thing you have to fit in, it’s that your studies come first. Between homework and exams, it can take up a lot of your time and energy, so it’s important that your student job doesn’t interfere with this, or you risk missing your year. When you start a new job, it’s important to make it clear to your employer that you are a student and that you need to have enough time each week to go to class, do your homework and review your exams.

Organizing your time effectively


Completing your studies while working outside the home means managing your time well. Balancing your studies and your student job effectively requires organization, energy, and regularity. On your days off, it’s important to give top priority to your homework and study, even before you start binge-watching Netflix on your couch. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of gaps in your schedule or breaks from work to study.

Working on campus or in your field of study


If you can, try to find a student job that is in line with your field of study. This will allow you to familiarise yourself with your future job and gain experience, which will be useful for your professional integration. If this is not possible, try to find a job at your university, in administration, reception, tutoring, or catering. This will make it easier for you to organize your schedule and your employer will be more open to changing your hours if necessary.

Making time for yourself


Juggling your studies and a student job can be stressful. So you need to take a break once in a while to relax and take your mind off things, planning a sports session during the day, an evening or afternoon with friends during the week, or even a movie. This allows you to recharge your batteries and avoid burn-out.


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