How to successfully start a relationship

The beginnings of a love story are often magical, but also fragile… To take advantage of all these moments of happiness and prolong them to the maximum, find many tips to start a love relationship.


Do not rush things


To get off to a good start, it is essential not to rush things. It is not necessarily obvious what the two partners mean to each other. For some young couples, love is immediately on the agenda. For others, time is important to know exactly what the other represents. Is he or she just a flirt, a good boyfriend, a “sex-friend” or the love of your life? Take the time to get to know each other sincerely before making plans. Sometimes the line between attachment and true love is blurred. Also, try not to suffocate your man, he needs oxygen. Even if you feel like it, avoid sending him 12 text messages in less than an hour and expecting him to spend all his time with you.

Don’t get stuck in the past


The past can prove to be your worst enemy at the beginning of your love story. There are two cases of the harmful effects of the past. The first concerns former lovers. Ex-lovers are often a source of conflict for new couples. To have a fulfilling relationship, you need to look beyond their past, but also your own. You don’t need to dwell on your history and you don’t need to be jealous of your ex. If he’s no longer with her, there must be a reason! You should learn from your past relationships to avoid making the same mistakes.

Keeping a little bit of mystery


In the euphoria of the meeting, women would tend to tell their beloved all about it… But sometimes it’s best not to say too much. You’ll have plenty of time to tell her about your childhood in detail, the trauma of your bad grade, or your girlfriend who played a bad trick on you in college. Don’t confuse your new sweetheart with your best friend! Keep your cocoon clean too. If the story lives on, you’ll have plenty of time to organize dinners with parents, nipples, cousins, etc. Another absolute rule is to never talk too much about your past stories. Your new lover doesn’t give a damn about your past love and sexual relationships. Generally speaking, men prefer not to know anything. In any case, it is important not to play a role and to remain yourself. Otherwise, you will soon be unmasked.


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