How do we know he’s cheating?


Infidelity is not obvious at first glance. However, certain behaviors are sometimes revealing. Without getting paranoid, here are 5 attitudes to observe in your partner to try to find out more.


Him and… his phone


He’s always hung up on his phone, but lately, it’s gotten worse: he never leaves it, he’s always looking at it and doesn’t leave it lying around in front of us whenever a tall blonde woman comes out. The unfaithful man is particularly close to his phone. As close as he wants us to be.

Him and… the bathroom


The five-minute shower’s over. T-shirts with holes in them, too. At the moment, he’s hanging around the bathroom a bit more, he’s getting dressed up, he even took some of our moisturizers and explained to us that his skin is getting very dry. The unfaithful man is taking care of him to please his new conquest.

He and… his friends


Suddenly he’s seeing a lot of his friends. It’s too bad they don’t wear underpants. The unfaithful man goes out more, organizes weekends here and there with friends, and assures us that no girls are invited. Suddenly, his life is going outside and we feel less available.


Him and… his job


It’s like the buddies: suddenly the job becomes very important. The hours get longer, the assignments come one after the other, the meetings become necessary. The unfaithful man needs a time out and work is the basis of his excuses. If his work rhythm changes at all, then one can wonder.


He and… us


The unfaithful man plays hot and cold, without noticing it. Sometimes he’s very cuddly because he’s riddled with guilt. But also because he hopes that by snuggling up to us, he will never want the other one again. Other times, he will be more distant because totally elsewhere, the head in that girl he is seeing next door. And when he speaks to us, it will be with unfounded criticisms and reproaches.


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