5 reasons why you can’t get good grades

Despite all your efforts, your grades are mediocre and not improving? There are many reasons for this and it’s important to be aware of them so you don’t become completely demotivated.


You attend all your classes, you take good notes, you study before your exams but nothing helps, the results don’t follow. Don’t be discouraged, it doesn’t mean that you are a failure and that it’s useless to fight for this subject. You’re perfectly capable, so if you don’t have good grades, there’s something wrong somewhere. Maybe you’re not revising ASSESSING enough, or you’re not studying properly, or you’re not paying enough attention in class. There are many reasons for this, and here are a few to help you find the right solutions to improve your results.

You are studying at the last minute


You’re the kind of person who puts everything off until the next day and rushes through your classes two days before your exams, or worse, the day before? It’s no wonder you don’t do so well. Learning entire chapters of courses in a day or evening, you don’t have the time to integrate all the information, or even to fully understand your lessons by doing a few exercises, which help you to integrate the courses more easily.


It is in your best interest to start reviewing at least 1 to 2 weeks before your exam(s), to take the time to integrate everything and practice to make sure you have understood everything. Learning things by heart is useless if you don’t understand anything.


You don’t study hard enough


As we all know, there are many more interesting things to do than to study, especially when you are a student. You’d rather hang out with your friends in bars, watch a TV show or play video games than spend 3 hours reading and rereading your courses. But if you want good grades, you have no choice: you MUST work. They don’t tell you to give up all forms of fun, but there is a middle ground. If it helps, make a schedule for yourself, with 2 to 4 hours a day for homework and study, and 1 to 2 hours in your free time.

You’re not doing your homework properly…


You attend all your classes, you do what is expected of you, but the results don’t follow? Maybe it’s because you’re not studying hard enough. Spending hours and hours highlighting your classes and proofreading your notes is just one small aspect. It’s also about analyzing the information, understanding it, and applying it in exercises to integrate it perfectly.

You are too distracted


That you dared to study instead of going out, that’s fine. But if during your study session you spend your time checking your phone and/or geeking out on social networks, it’s no use because you’re too distracted to fit in your classes. For a revision session without distractions, it is advisable to turn your phone off and place it in a place that is hard to reach.


The same goes for your computer. It’s better to do without it, or you risk drifting to Youtube and watching videos of chats or gags instead of studying. It’s best to work in a place away from distractions, like a library. Alternatively, you can install an extension on Google Chrome, StayFocusd, which allows you to set time limits on certain distracting websites so you can work.


You’re not paying enough attention in class


You may be in class, but if you’re not paying attention, you won’t improve your grades. Whether you’re geeking on your phone instead of listening to the class, or getting lost in your thoughts or chatting, there’s nothing worse than a lack of attention to affect your results.


Likewise, if you write word for word and don’t necessarily think about what the teacher says, without really listening to him or her, that’s not being attentive. You must understand what you are writing down, and for that, listening and participation are essential. To be truly effective, you need to aim for 70% listening and 30% note-taking.

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